Twelve Tips for Terrific Texts: Tip #6 – Spelling & grammar (Writing stage)

Time for the sixth tip in my scicomm series: “Spelling and grammar.”

Their is alot of really common misteaks that authors make when writing, it makes things hard to read it can also distract your audience.

Most of the common mistakes can be caught by the spelling and grammar check in MS Word (especially if you tweak the settings to catch things like comma misuse, subject-verb agreement, words that are commonly confused, and more). Using Grammarly can also help improve your writing, or if you want to take it a step further you can hire a freelance editor (someone like me!).

To adjust your MS Word proofreading settings, go to:
File -> Options -> Proofing

Check off anything you want to use in that box. Then, under the “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word” section, change writing style to “Grammar & Refinements” and click Settings. Pick out the things you want Word to check for and Okay your way outta there.

So, to reiterate: There are a lot of really common mistakes that authors make when writing. They make things hard to read, and they can also distract your audience. Run a quick spelling and grammar check, use Grammarly, or hire an editor to help get your point across clearly!

Stay tuned for the next 6 tips!

Communicating your science: writing: spelling and grammar. Spelling mistakes and run-on sentences distract the reader and reduce clarity. MS Word can do basic checks, and services like Grammarly and freelance editors can dramatically improve your writing.

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