My MSc project had an interdisciplinary focus: the public perceptions of hydraulic fracturing, induced seismicity, and the oil and gas industry in western Canada from the perspective of a person with technical knowledge and training in the energy industry. 

Along the way, I had the guidance of two supervisors: Dr. Mirko van der Baan in the Department of Physics, and Dr. Sven Anders in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology. With their help, I created an online survey and distributed it to the public in the summer of 2019. I have since presented preliminary results to a long list of academic, industry, and regulatory representatives. The full results can be found in my thesis below, and I am in the process of writing a paper to be published in an academic journal. 

Contact me if you would like to hear more about my research, or if you would like to know more about (or even engage my services for) designing surveys. I also have a recorded version of my thesis defense presentation, with a broad overview of the results, available upon request. 

If you are interested, click below to read my thesis and find out What the Frack is Going On?