Let’s Talk Day

Today has been a day devoted to mental health. I’m so glad it’s becoming more normalized to talk about mental health! But there is still a long way to go. If you ever need to chat, don’t be a stranger. Also, rather than making your online space into free advertisement for a corporation, consider donating … Read more

Twelve Tips for Terrific Texts: Tip #3 – Tenses (Planning stage)

The third tip in my series is “tenses.” Even seasoned writers can struggle with writing in a consistent verb tense (past, present, future). It can be tough to decide which tense is right for what you’re writing, and different parts of the same document may use different tenses. A big factor is the intent. Writing … Read more

Twelve Tips for Terrific Texts: Tip #1 – Stories (Planning stage)

In Nov. 2020, I attended ComSciConCanWest, a competitive-admission science communication workshop for grad students in western Canada. Part of that was creating a piece of scicomm. Mine started out as a clunky infographic, but during the workshop I got to work with the wonderful Julia Krolik! She encouraged me to restyle it as a series of installments … Read more

Santa the Scientist

It has been an absolute pleasure to work on the SciComm project that was just released! Santa the Scientist is a free ebook about how Santa uses cookies and science to stop time so he can deliver all his gifts on Christmas Eve. I had the honour of editing the terrific text, and I also got … Read more

ComSciConCanWest (say that 10 times fast)

I have had the pleasure to edit many scientific things, from theses to journal articles to capstone projects to children’s books, but it’s time to branch out and learn more about other kinds of science communication. At the end of this week, I will be attending the ComSciConCanWest2020 virtual conference and interacting with (and learning … Read more

It’s virtual conference time!

GeoConvention is coming up this week, and for the first time it’s going to be virtual! As with so much else this crazy year, the conference that’s typically held in Calgary during May was postponed and transformed into a virtual event. Normally, I would be making final changes to my presentation and practicing to get … Read more

It’s my first post!

Well, the website is a work in progress, but then it probably always will be – especially as I learn new things and add new skills to my repertoire. Enjoy the page, send me a message, look me up on Twitter, and have a lovely day!