Twelve Tips for Terrific Texts: Tip #11 – Units (Polishing stage)

We’re on the eleventh and penultimate tip in my scicomm series: “units.” Science is full of measurements, so we regularly include units in our writing. It’s tempting to keep the unit right next to the number, for example so that they don’t get separated at the end of a line (google non-breaking spaces if this is … Read more

Twelve Tips for Terrific Texts: Tip #6 – Spelling & grammar (Writing stage)

Time for the sixth tip in my scicomm series: “Spelling and grammar.” Their is alot of really common misteaks that authors make when writing, it makes things hard to read it can also distract your audience. Most of the common mistakes can be caught by the spelling and grammar check in MS Word (especially if you … Read more

Twelve Tips for Terrific Texts: Tip #5 – Jargon (Writing stage)

Time for the fifth tip in my scicomm series, and now we’re moving on to the “writing” category! Let’s talk about “jargon.” We all know we should limit our use of jargon, but it’s still worth the reminder. It’s also important to really consider what jargon is – acronyms and abbreviations can be jargon, but … Read more

Twelve Tips for Terrific Texts: Tip #4 – Journal Origin (Planning stage)

Time for the fourth tip in my scicomm series: “journal origin.” Do you organize events in your neighborhood? Or organise events in your neighbourhood? Or even organize events in your neighbourhood? Both spellings of these 2 words are correct, but it depends on where your readers are. Spelling and style choices, like the use of ‘single’ … Read more